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Waapy Chat – Pro

RM3,567.96 / 12 months

Enhance your client engagements with Waapy Pro. Benefit from up to 10 dedicated WhatsApp numbers, collaboration with up to 21 users, and 50GB of storage for seamless organization. With 4GB RAM and a 2-core CPU, unlock powerful capabilities. Opt for Waapy Pro, our recommended plan, priced at RM 748 annually or RM 68 monthly.



Waapy Pro

    • Up to 10 Numbers: Expand your reach and engage with a larger client base using up to 10 dedicated WhatsApp numbers.
    • Up to 21 Users: Empower your team with up to 21 users for improved productivity and customer support.
    • 50GB Storage: Store and organize your client communications effortlessly with 50GB of storage.
    • 4GB RAM, CPU 2 CORE: Experience enhanced speed and performance to streamline your ticket management.
    • Price: RM 748 annually or RM 68 monthly. Recommended Plan


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